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Purpose of Establishment

  • 1CCoolming means CCoolUP Naming. It’s the first project in the world that names all contents in the internet.
  • 2The content namer manages and takes responsibility for items registered. CCoolming is not responsible for any registered content name..
  • 3There are too many web pages, websites and online information in the world. Direct connection to contents allows users to find their target contents conveniently. It reduces user’s access time therefore making the internet usage better.
  • 4Content links that are against social order (against good morals) may be reported to content name +1 for review and may be removed by the Operating Committee. 
Ver 0.099-2017-0302-0900
Ver 0.100-2017-0508-1423
Ver 0.110-2017-0512-1620

※COPYRIGHT PROTECTION : The purpose and all policies provided by Compia are protected by copyright laws and may be subject to penalties in the event of quotation, copying, or theft.

 I agree to the purpose and all policies of operation

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In cases where content names and brand names are in conflict, priority is given to brand names. Register as a brand name.
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